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Just because you have been arrested, does not have to mean you will be convicted.

Your freedom and your criminal record are important to us. Upfront pricing, and flat rates on most cases.

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The first thing running through a person’s mind when he is being arrested is usually  fear of the unknown. It’s not uncommon for people to stress themselves thin with worry. Bail amounts are often expensive, work can be missed, personal and work reputation may be damaged. If the bail amount is set too high, or not available at all, these problems often grow worse over time. The longer you spend in jail without bond, the more likely your life will be affected. You miss a week of work and could be fired. Maybe miss rent. Then you’re evicted. Some people can even become homeless. Stop the cycle early.

Regardless if you are innocent or guilty, or how NICE a law enforcement officer might appear: REMAIN SILENT.  Demand counsel. You should always speak with a lawyer before you make any statements.
Fortunately, criminal defense lawyers can safeguard your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly and in keeping with the law.

Criminal charges aren’t something that you want to face alone and thankfully you don’t have to. In the justice system you are innocent until proven guilty, but it doesn’t always feel like that. Planning a successful defense demands an in-depth understanding of procedural and substanative issues.

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A criminal defense lawyer will examine all the evidence to make sure the police had a probable cause to arrest his client in the first place.  He will examine evidence and statements.  Our team of attorneys at Orleans Legal will provide advice on how best to handle your case, and how to proceed with care.

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